Announcement of 3DCS Version 7.8

We are pleased to shared the news about release of 3DCS Version 7.8 from DCS. The new versions of 3DCS sport new enhancements, fixes, and brand-new features to help improve modeling and template authoring to save you time while giving you new options.


New Features in Version 7.8

  • Pattern Move – Support for Slot/Tab features
  • 3D Best Fit Floating – Determinate Assembly
  • Chordal Mesh Setting – Distance between mesh and CAD
  • Worst – Case Improvements
  • Single Part Analysis – Matching Processes and More
  • Gear Module for Mechanical Modeler
  • Collision Detection

You may click HERE to request the 3DCS Version 7.8 Release Notes.


For detail information, please feel free to reach out to us through our offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines.