3DCS Version 8.0 is Released!

Every year DCS strives to release one major release of 3DCS Variation Analyst Software packed with new features and quality-of-life improvements for users. This year’s release, the much-anticipated Version 8.0, contains an extraordinary amount of updates and new features. DCS will be hosting a 4 part webinar series to demonstrate the major updates and changes. 

Buttons below will lead you to 3DCS V8 updates session in different :


Internal Orientation & Form
  • Default Orientation and Form, if no refinement is present
  • Global setting and override per individual
GD&T to Multiple DRFs
  • Previously in 3DCS, it was only possible to deviate relative to one DRF. Now, multiple DRFs can be applied to a feature like the example shown below. Note this is currently only supported for Profile and Position
Edit/Create DRF Interface
  1. Rearranged the DRFs and available Datum fields.
  2. Datum Features shows available Datum Shift from the available Datums.
  3. Select the created DRF to modify and, if available, apply Datum Shift, or
  4. Create a new DRF with the modifier. Only MMB/LMB Datums will allow (M) or (L) to added.
Equation Measure Custom Interface
  • Calculates Equations based Measurements without a User dll
  • Easy to use interface


SubAsm Modeling

  • Import 3DCS data from a subassembly into final assembly
  • Export 3DCS data from the final assembly to a sub assembly
  • Eliminates the need to use .wtx file to import 3DCS data

Auto Feature Linking

  • Automatically links all the features in the list with a button click.

New Features Dialog

  • Mesh Density, Chordal Height and Cylindrical Threshold
    –now ‘per feature’
  • Feature Renaming
  • Saved in model and maintained with Update Geometry.

Store Part Location

  • Available in Copy Data and Points dialogs
  • Saves time when copying points between parts
  • Useful when parts are designed in different coordinate systems


Translation / Rotate Move

  • Translates or Rotates
  • No User DLL required
  • New Easy to use GUI interface

AutoBend Move

  • Simulates over constrained Rigid Body components without CM/FEA
  • No User dll required
  • New Ease to use GUI interface

Cross Product

  • Translates or Rotates
  • No User DLL required
  • New Easy to use GUI interface

Iteration Loop Float

  • Supports looping through the “following moves” without a User dll
  • Easy to use interface
  • Refloats looped moves each iteration

Capability Tolerance

  • Actual X,Y,Z deviation or statistical variation from QDM data files without a User dll
  • Get data from QDM Web
  • Easy to use interface

Capability Tolerance Type

  • Deviation (dcsTlCmmDev2) : uses an ordered list of deviations from nominal in the X,Y,Z directions to alter locations of points
  • Position and Direction (dcsTlSetCmmPosDir) : uses a list of point coordinates and directions to modify point positions
  • Mean and Sigma (dcu_stat_row.dll) : uses mean and standard deviation data to apply tolerance to points


Animation Accelerator

  • Add on Module for NX, Creo & SOLIDWORKS
  • Fast Animation & Deviation of Large Models
  • Supports Rigid and Compliant Components

Improved Color Mapping

  • The color contour shows positive and negative displacements, with the most negative values colored blue and the most positive colored red

Extract GD&T

  • Replace Extracted GD&T-Controls the re-extraction process


Feature Selection

  • Filter

Model Navigator

  • Navigation Options -Settings and Fonts
  • Select add all from Group
  • Cut Copy and Paste-Hotkeys
  • Model Directory

Set Part Position

Set Part Position function saves the current screen position of the part or assembly, whether it was built in Nominal Build, Animated, Deviated, or set the parts to their Min or Max positions of each part from the Simulation window

Welcome Dialog

  • New, Last, Open (MC only)
  • Model Navigator is Dockable

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