ANSYS Electronics Webinar (Ansys Maxwell : Halbach Array Simulation)

Ansys Maxwell  :  Halbach Array Simulation | October 13, 2021
Ansys Maxwell is a comprehensive electromagnetic field simulation software for designing and analyzing 2D/3D low frequency electric devices such as permanent magnets, electromagnets, electric motors, actuators, transformers and wireless charging. Ansys Maxwell can solve static, frequency domain and time varying electromagnetic and electric fields.
Ansys Maxwell also offers specialized design interfaces for electric machines and power converters. Ansys Maxwell can precisely characterize the nonlinear transient motion of electromechanical components and their effects on the drive circuit and control system design. Users can understand the performance of electromechanical systems long before building a prototype in hardware by using Maxwell’s advanced electromagnetic field solvers and seamlessly linking them to the integrated circuit and systems simulation technology.