TROY, Michigan (USA) /WISSOUS, France – May 13, 2019 –

ETA Inc. (Engineering Technology Associates), an engineering and software innovator with over 36 years in the automotive engineering community, has signed a partnership with CADLM. CADLM specializes in computing, modeling and combining numerical analysis as well as machine learning techniques. This new partnership authorizes ETA to distribute CADLM’s software platform ODYSSEE (Optimal Decision Support System for Engineering and Expertise) along with their services worldwide.

As a pioneer in implementing AI technology in engineering computer-aided design (CAE), CADLM is proud to announce its worldwide collaboration with ETA. “This new partnership will allow our companies to benefit from each other’s advanced technologies. CADLM’s game-changing software platform ODYSSEE (Which also includes LUNAR & QUASAR), allows for real-time parametric design and optimization as well as numerous machine learning solutions to remain in the center of this collaboration. Integration of CADLM’s AI technology with ETA’s advanced automotive design methodology will enhance our solutions and establish new perspectives in CAE based structural designs. At CADLM we are very excited and looking forward to this fruitful partnership.”

- Kambiz Kayvantash, CTO, CADLM -

“CADLM’s ODYSSEE software platform utilizes AI and machine learning technology to address the goal of ever-shortening product design and development cycles. This platform will also enhance the ACP Process* technology to further reduce the product design and development cycle time. ETA is thrilled to announce this partnership and looking forward to establishing this collaboration worldwide.”

- Dr. Akbar Farahani, CEO & President, ETA -

About ETA, Inc.

Advanced product development engineers working as structural analysts for the world’s largest automotive manufacturers established ETA in 1983.

ETA’s expertise in providing product design & development solutions from concept to production, along with supplying research and innovation using CAE, CAD and optimization tools (Durability, Vehicle Dynamics, NVH, Crash/Safety, Die System Structure, and Manufacturing Processes). Proactive in the creation and implementation of new technology and software, ETA’s products include; ACP OpDesign™, DYNAFORM, PreSys™, and VPG Suite™.


Founded in 1989, CADLM specializes in engineering, simulation, optimization, and industrial reliability analysis.

It has developed specific know-how in data analysis and IA, especially for the automotive, aeronautics, biomedical and civil engineering sectors. A precursor of the technologies it masters (data analysis, prediction, scale models, optimization, artificial intelligence), CADLM publishes and markets its software under the ODYSSEE platform and offers high value-added services, with a commitment to time and results.