ANSYS GRANTA Edupack Webinar Series – Part 1

Overview of GRANTA EduPack & GRANTA Selector | November 04, 2020
Making the right materials and process choices for any engineering applications is challenging, particularly with the expanding range of possibilities offered by new manufacturing technologies and materials generated by research. Additionally, current and future engineers have to be aware and embed requirements to reduce supply chain risks, embrace product resilience and favor sustainable development practices. The Ansys Granta suite addresses these challenges through a system-thinking approach in engineering and help building the society’s materials intelligence across education, design, and life cycle of products. In this webinar series, we will focus on the software tools and data resources available in the context of university researchers and teachers. 
Ansys GRANTA Selector is the industry gold-standard for materials selection as it facilitates innovation and enables you to analyze materials problems and explore options quickly and easily. 
Ansys GRANTA EduPack is a unique set of undergraduate teaching resources that support Materials Education across Engineering, Design, Science and Sustainable Development and is already used in over 1,400 universities and institutes worldwide.
Key Takeaway
  • What is Ansys Granta.
  • How to support undergraduate materials teaching and engage undergraduate students on materials with GRANTA EduPack.
  • How to quickly identify solutions to complex material issues in research projects with GRANTA Selector 2020.
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